My instagram is missfitbarbie follow me if you wanna ❤ ❤ I dare you to live out your dreams. I dare you to get out of your comfort zone. I dare you to make people turn their heads because you're fit and you're on fire! ❤ Opportunities don't come knocking on the door. They present themselves when you knock the fucking door down ❤ &

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Marry me?

Let’s do it! :)

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describe your day :D

Woke up, had breakfast, decided to study law, watched Cristela, had lunch, went to school, had a snack, came back, went to the gym, had my protein shake, took a shower and soon I am going to bed :) 

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Got a question or you need somebody to talk to? Feel free to message me :)
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I love your attitude. I love your little description of your blog that starts with "I dare you..." I love your responses to all the questions. I hope you believe in yourself as much as you tell others to believe in themselves. I love you. Thanks for spreading positivity.

Thank you so much! Have a lovely day 

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If I run for about 15 minutes and workout for 30 minutes a day 5 times a week how many calories should I intake?

I have no idea, every body is different.

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A guy I know from work hates me (I walked past him in a meeting and said "hi, how are you" and he got up and sat somewhere else) and he ignores me a lot. He told a friend of mine that I "blew him off" on his first day at work when he was really nervous; I don't remember ever being mean to him and I go out of my way to be nice to him because he is so shy. My friends think that he has a crush on me but he is just being so rude. I feel like you give good advice; what do you think I should do?

If he really likes you he should man up. Being rude makes you a cunt and it’s not cute at all. Ask him whats up and why is he the way he is and if he continues to act like a jerk just ignore him, he has no right to be mean.

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How to motivate myself to learn?

Just do it. You need this, it’s for your future. You are only young once. If you take the time to get your degree, you will have a sense of accomplishment that no one can ever take away from you. Even though you may not “learn” anything and you might that the subject is stupid and pointless, you are using your brain in a powerful and meaningful way every single day. Reading. Writing. Thinking. Solving problems. These things do make you smarter. Your brain is like any other mechanism in your body, the more you use it, the stronger it gets. Education is never a waste of anyone’s time.

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To the anon - I went to prom with a friend I'd known since I was 9. Neither one of us was romantically interested in each other, but having someone to hang out with and take pictures with was really fun. That anon should totally go with their friend :)

^^^ That’s awesome :)

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