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What's 10 1/2 stone in pounds xox

According to google it’s 67kilos/147 pounds

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What would you wear on a first date to a Not so fancy place. Looking for something casual female thanks :)

Depends on your style & the weather. Ripped jeans with a white shirt +a blazer and a pair of flats would look awesome. It’s casual but classy at the same time :)

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Hi, this isn't a question, but I've lost 5 pounds in a week and I'm almost out of the 200 and I'm super proud of myself

And you should be! That’s awesome, you go girl! 

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I'm back to school tomorrow and over the summer I have been finding out that all my girlfriends in my class have been talking shit about me behind my back I have no friends in my class and we do a lot if group activities I am so stressed and totally freaking out! Thanks so much ps I love your blog 😍

Don’t be, it’s their loss and this is just a lesson you know? That’s how most of the girls are. My best friend recently got a job and she said ”I am spending most of my break alone. I would rather be alone than gossip with the girls that got nothing better to do. I don’t need drama in my life and I came here to work” 

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Do you have a book recommendation? There are literally so many and it is overwhelming af

From what I heard ”Practical Paleo” is the best :)

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Do you have any beginner tips on the paleo lifestyle? Plleeeaaaassssseeeeee??

Get a book or inform yourself online, get some paleo friendly food, plan your meals ahead and be patient. Good luck x

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Have you ever tried the paleo diet? I am thinking about starting it because I have a binging problem. I would like to know your opinion on that. Have a nice day :)

Yes! Paleo is awesome and it’s something that works for me :) 

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is 28 pound to lose a reasonablr goal by december

Well, it depends on so many things so I can’t tell.

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