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Better alone than badly accompanied.
-Candace Bushnell (via murmurrs)
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If I am 173cm tall, how tall am I in ft?


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Work hard. Strive for greatness.
-Queen Nicki Minaj when asked how her fans can make her feel better. (via peppermintlester)
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Do something instead of killing time, because time is killing you.
-Paulo Coelho (via bookwormings)
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Is there any strength training exercises that you can do at home to tone up but not bulk up your legs? And would jogging for 60 per day be enough to lose weight especially on my legs and lower tummy? Thanks

You cannot spot reduce! If I had a dime for every single time I said that I would be a millionaire. Also 30/45 minutes per day is more than enough. It’s really hard for girls to achieve bulky legs. It takes time, a special diet, lot’s and lots of exercise and for some girls even steroids so don’t worry about it …

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